Awards and Kudos

"Leeny, we send heartfelt thanks for the weekend of tremendous work you did at the National Storytelling Festival! From ghost stories to your solo hour to sacred telling, you delivered it all with grace and your own distinctive style. It is always a privilege to present your work. You are a part of what keeps this Festival vibrant and exciting and for that we are deeply grateful."
-Susan O'Connor, International Storytelling Center
"Leeny, a heartfelt thank you for joining us and sharing your superb stories in Jonesborough - you are truly a wonderful ambassador for storytelling!"
-Susan O'Connor, International Storytelling Center
"Leeny, thank you for your excellent performance! It was a pleasure to finally meet and work together. We really appreciate the great work you did!"
-Smart Kids Company, Inc., Producer of a new series of Storytelling DVD's
"As a performer in Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld, Leeny brings a wonderful storytelling art that puts a smile on the children AND adults who view our show. She's such a talented storyteller, Leeny could read from the phone book and have you glued to your chair! We thank Leeny for bringing such joy to our show."
-Chris Allard, Creative Director/VP, Deos Animation Studios
"Leeny, you were magnificent! Thanks for gracing my show with your beautiful talent, warmth and wit."
-Jordan Rich, WBZ Radio, Boston, MA
"Thanks again, Leeny, for a wonderful performance – feedback from the children was terrific! They really enjoyed your stories."
-Oak Meadow Montessori School, Littleton, MA
"Leeny, we had very positive feedback on your performance at our Providers' Appreciation Dinner. You were delightful!"
-Mary Jean Francis, The Providence Community Health Centers, Inc., RI
"Leeny Del Seamonds was awarded the title "2002 National Storyteller of the Year®" at the 56th Annual Sweet Corn Festival in Millersport, Ohio, on August 31, 2002. Her story captured the attention of judges and listeners alike. Leeny honored her father's heritage by telling her story from the Hispanic culture entitled Renaldo."
-Donna Foster, Ohio Creative Arts Institute
"We should all take note: a love of life and a sense of humor are the ingredients that fuel us. They are the essence of perspective. In Leeny Del Seamonds' family there is a strong tradition of conveying the family's culture through sharing humorous stories. Leeny writes "For years, I never heard the ending to Aunt Lilia's version of 'El Oso,' a story about Mamá and a bear on the loose, because every time she tried to tell it, the ending got lost in laughter." Laughing is important. Very important. Take time to be with the children in your life. Play some games, listen to music and share some stories. You'll learn a lot about each other. And that, in our opinion, is award-winning material."
-Claire S. Green, President, Parents' Choice Foundation, referencing Leeny Del Seamonds' article on the importance of sharing family stories.
"In CelloTales: The Melding of Music, Myth & Memories, created and performed by Leeny Del Seamonds and cellist Gideon Freudmann, Freudmann's inventive cello accompaniment is integral rather than supplemental to Del Seamonds' entertaining tales in this unique listening adventure."
In her review of CelloTales for Parents' Choice Awards, Dr. Flora Joy declared, "A splendid marriage of cello and story, this CD transports listeners to Japan, Spain, and Germany. The cello produces the wings of the flight, and the stories become the nourishment-creating an unforgettable journey."
"Storyteller Leeny Del Seamonds and electronic cellist Gideon Freudmann team up in this unique blend of music and story. Del Seamonds makes masterful use of her expressive voice, melding it with Freudmann's cello as a fellow instrument in the symphony of the tales."
-School Library Journal (CelloTales selected "Audio of the Week" 4/09/04)
"The CelloTales performance with Leeny Del Seamonds and Gideon Freudmann was the highlight of our Festival!"
-Ginger Webb, President, Three Apples Storytelling Festival
"In her CD, ¡Ay Caramba! ¡Ay Ay Ay! Cuentos y Canciónes (Latino Stories & Songs), Leeny Del Seamonds makes listeners feel like they are sitting at her feet watching her expressions and movements. The stories are told with gusto and humor; kids will laugh and clamor for more."
"Cuban-American Leeny Del Seamonds is a vibrant and animated storyteller. She immediately captures the attention of the audience and holds it easily. This album will be an excellent addition to libraries."
-School Library Journal
"Congratulations, Ms. Del Seamonds, on bringing knowledge as well as joy to so many people as you ply your calling as a storyteller to young and old alike. It is a laudable accomplishment because you can reach and teach at the same time."
-Geoffrey D. Hall, Chairman, Committee on State Administration, Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives

Festivals, Conferences & Celebrations:

"Thank you, Leeny, for inaugurating our Storytellers Professional Experts Group Teleseminar series for the National Speakers Association. That was really superb! You were fabulous! Magnificent!"
-Craig Harrison, Co-Chair, NSA Storytellers PEG
"Our heartfelt thanks, Leeny, for your wonderful performances and participation in the entire Storyfest weekend. You were inspiring, wise, gracious and thoroughly entertaining. We have heard nothing but praise for your outstanding stories and warm interactions with members of our planning group and other performers and appreciate your many contributions to the success of Storyfest."
-NC Storyfest Board, Greensboro, NC
"Leeny, thank you for being part of the outstanding lineup at this year's Festival. Everyone had a wonderful time! It was such a fun group to be around. We will do it again!"
-St. Louis Storytelling Festival, MO
"Thank you again for coming to Riverway and enriching our complement of storytellers! You were a definite hit among the committee and participants. I enjoyed your stories immensely, and I also enjoyed YOU!"
-Mary Fellows, Riverway Storytelling Festival, Albany, NY
"Leeny, you are outstanding. We will definitely invite you back!"
-Patchwork Tales Festival, Rock Hill, SC
"Leeny, we had such a good time with you here at our Festival. We enjoyed being with you and listening to your wonderful stories. Thank you for being part of the WSU Storytelling Festival - hopefully, you will be able to join us again down the road."
-Weber State University Festival, Ogden, UT
"Leeny, thank you once again for making the Three Apples Storytelling Festival such a success. You are awesome!"
-Three Apples Storytelling Festival, Bedford, MA
"Leeny, you are fabulous, as always! It's always a joy and pleasure to have you at the Festival. Even if we don't get much time to spend together, I feel blessed when you are here."
-Sharon Benson, Smoky Hill River Festival, Salina, KS
"Leeny, thank you for your creative and artistic talents in making First Night Worcester a spectacular celebration!"
-First Night Worcester Committee
"Leeny, thank you so much for sharing yourself and your wonderful stories with us in such a warm, unpretentious manner. You have demonstrated what great storytelling is all about and how to incorporate multicultural themes in our telling....You are a fine performance artist who really inspired us!"
-2007 NC Storyfest, Greensboro, NC
"Leeny Del Seamonds enchanted and inspired us with her storytelling. Our Annual Celebration of Women was a huge success. We raised over $34,000 net for our programs and services dedicated to improving the lives of women."
-Women's Center of Jacksonville, FL
"Leeny, thank you for your words of encouragement and comfort to the young lady I brought to the storytelling stage. You were very comforting to her after your performance. When she returned to our campsite, she was spilling over with joy and told her Mother all about it. Thank you so much for your kindness; words like yours will help. I'm sure it was a loving spirit that brought us to your stage. I will definitely bring my "charges" next year to your story time!"
-Audience Member, Smoky Hill River Festival, Salina, KS
"Leeny, thank you for your excellent work at the Festival, your steady seasoned hand as a performer, and your willingness to help and guide - all appreciated and a benefit to the Festival."
-Gail Teten, Nebraska Storytelling Festival
"Leeny, thank you for making our Mariposa Storytelling Festival such a tremendous success! Your energetic presence on stage...and terrific stories were all overwhelming crowd pleasers."
-Marilyn Rudzik, Festival Producer/Director
"Thanks for a great show, Leeny. You really put your ALL into your performances! You taught the kids a lot of Spanish and entertained them as well. Truly a worthwhile experience!"
-Coventry Library, RI
"Leeny, thank you so much for bringing your warmth and energy to Amherst College and for making the last Keepers of the Word Storytelling Festival such a beautiful and inspiring event!"
-Dean of Students Office
"Master Coaching with Leeny Del Seamonds'' was the BEST session of a remarkable weekend! We learned so much. Leeny is an absolutely excellent teacher and presenter. Leeny is incredible, honest, perceptive, specific, super fun, and very, very kind. Leeny's an ace!"
-Participants at Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference
"Leeny, thank you so much for coming and sharing your many talents with so, so many. Kansas City loves you!"
-Joyce Slater, Producer/Director of Kansas City Storytelling Celebration
"Leeny, your participation in the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration was WONDERFUL! Great! It was beautiful! Woo Hoo!! It was Cool! And funny too!! Animated, clever, delightful - there was laughter from all ages. Thank you ever so much for sharing your time and diverse talents with the Kansas City community."
-The Maple Woods Community Relations Team, MO
"Leeny, YOU WERE WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much for doing the workshop for us!! I could have listened for many more hours, the time went by WAY too fast!!"
-Jerry D. Johnson, Program Chair, Jordon-Miller Storytelling Program, New England Library Association 2005 Conference
"We are still high on the 23rd Annual Connecticut Storytelling Festival. And high on Leeny Del Seamonds! Your stories were all wonderful. You exceeded wildest imaginations, bringing your multitude of talent and your creative mind to the task."
-Peg O'Sullivan, Connecticut Storytelling Festival
"Leeny, thank you for sharing your wonderful stories at our Festival. Your energy and joy are infectious!"
-Lucinda Flodin, Prairie Center for the Arts Storytelling Festival, Schaumburg, IL
"Leeny, I want to thank you once more for making the Festival such a stupendous one. The caliber of tellers this year was awesome!"
-Joyce Greiner, Tcha Tee Man Wi Storytelling Festival, Corvallis, OR
"Thank you for your participation in First Night Boston. Your fantastic stories and artistic contribution are what make First Night such a very special event!"
-First Night, Inc.
"Leeny's stories suited the day exactly - well chosen, performed perfectly, and fitting right in with our emphasis on Latin American culture. Families sought us out afterward to compliment us on finding her!"
-Judi Paradis, Program Coordinator, Arlington's Dia de los Muertos Fiesta
"It was such FUN having "An Evening with Leeny Del Seamonds" at Simmons! I've heard from every person who was there about how much they enjoyed it."
-Maggie Bush, Simmons College, Boston, MA
"On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Director, I want to thank you again for your top-notch performance at Greeley Park. Funny, creative and entertaining, your dynamic presentation successfully involved hundreds of children in the audience in the language and rhythms of your stories. The Latino story you told moved seamlessly from Spanish to English and in a clever and entertaining manner taught the children several Spanish words and phrases."
-Carol Eyman, Nashua Public Library, NH
"Thank you for returning to the Wallingford Public Library. You were spectacular as always!"
-Susan Stewart, Librarian
"Leeny is funny, irreverent, smart, sassy - and a dynamite storyteller as well!"
-Jane Yolen, Author
"We received an overwhelming, positive response for Leeny's dynamic program!"
-John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Boston, MA
"We heard again and again from the stage crew, audience members, and festival organizers that Leeny Del Seamonds was a talented member of an incredibly strong roster of tellers we had assembled this year!"
-Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival 2001, New York
"In her rich workshops, Leeny not only shared practical ideas with us, but gave us inspiration as well. She is very helpful, fun, entertaining and approachable!"
-National Storytelling Conference, Kansas City, MO
"A master storyteller, Leeny's versatile, energetic and spirited performances bring stories to life and life to stories."
-Lowell Historic Preservation Commission, Boarding House Park, Lowell, MA
"A masterful Sharing the Fire Opening Keynote address! Leeny Del Seamonds set a new standard for Sharing the Fire!"
-Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference, Boston, MA
"A wonderful performance! Leeny brought the characters in her stories to life for the audience, and her performance was unforgettable."
-Tapestry of Tales Multicultural Storytelling Festival, Brown University, RI
"Leeny, thank you so much for your wonderful performance! I'm sure we will be in touch to have you back in the future. You are a true professional!!
-Rae Griffiths, Springfield Museums, MA
"It was a treat to have Leeny perform at the Connecticut Storytelling Festival. She is such a pro!"
-Barbara Reed, Director, Connecticut Storytelling Festival
"It has been my pleasure to meet and work with Leeny. I admire her approach to storytelling. The gifts Leeny leaves with her listeners are precious and enduring."
-Onawumi Jean Moss, Keepers of the Word Storytelling Festival, Amherst College, MA
"Leeny was absolutely terrific, and her wonderfully inspiring stories about preserving the Earth really fit in with the theme of our program."
-Springfield Science Museum
"Leeny Del Seamonds is a professional in every sense of the word. She delivered all that she promised - and more. Her storytelling was enchanting. Leeny cast a magical spell over the audience through costume, movement and voice with an energy that was almost palpable."
-Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, MA
"Leeny was clearly a hit, both with parents and kids, because I am still getting feedback of the "That was really awesome!" variety. Leeny was terrific - and I wasn't a bit surprised! I look forward to having her visit again, but we'll need a bigger place, though. Word travels fast, and everyone will want to attend!"
-Children's Librarian, Woburn Public Library, MA
"Our patrons enjoyed Leeny's performance, and I am still hearing favorable comments. Leeny's stories and participatory activities had them spellbound."
-Children's Librarian, Mansfield Library, MA
"Ever since I first saw Leeny perform, I knew I couldn't wait to bring her here!"
-Children's Librarian, Goodnow Library, Sudbury, MA
"Leeny, thank you for being both Keynote and Workshop Speaker at our 2004 Annual Conference for the Massachusetts Association of Family & Consumer Sciences. Your Keynote set an excellent tone for the day's events, and your presentations were extremely well received. I look forward to asking you to present again in the future. You have so much to offer the public!"
-Program Director, MAFCS
"Leeny's unique blend of story, mime and theatre is riveting. It's her VOICES that I dearly love! Whether animals or humans, the way she colors their voices, with researched accents and believable emotion, is fantastic!"
-Janice F. Molnar, Across the Arts, Acton, MA

The Press

"With well-respected, national Latina master storyteller, Leeny Del Seamonds (who spices her work with stories from her heritage as well as her expressive mime), no wonder the rich Latino tradition of storytelling has made its way from backyard family get-togethers to the main stage!"
-Latino Perspectives Magazine
"Internationally acclaimed Leeny Del Seamonds is a natural entertainer whose multicultural stories and songs reflect her love of people. An award-winning master storyteller, Leeny peppers her tales with humor, mime, character impersonations and her vivacious personality. Storytellers are generally colorful, expressive folks, and Ms. Del Seamonds is no exception!"
-The Boston Globe
"Renowned master storyteller Leeny Del Seamonds encourages her audiences to live her stories, to journey with her through time and place, meeting characters and experiencing the tale in an unforgettable experience."
-The Herald
"Ms. Del Seamonds is a renowned story performer who's taken the stories she heard in her grandmother's living room to a global stage. Over the past 30 years, she's entertained audiences from Kansas to Beijing with her unique combination of story, song and mime. And, her shows have earned her national recognition."
-Parents and Kids Magazine
"Leeny Del Seamonds, Master Story Performer and recipient of the 2002 National Storyteller of the Year, looks at storytelling as a security blanket that no one makes us throw away. 'We need stories. I don't think we ever outgrow them,' she says. Leeny celebrates our lives — regardless of age — with her heartening tales of tolerance, family ties, and peace. Some are folktales from other cultures; others she draws from her own life, using her Cuban heritage as a backdrop. Be it audio or paper medium, fiction or nonfiction, Del Seamonds agrees that adults need to let themselves be taken away sometimes, that 'because we identify with the story character's emotions and challenges, we find a place in our hearts where we can trust in that story. Like mashed potatoes and gravy — comfort food.' Sounds good to me — I'm all ears."
-Shirley Grace, from her book “Heard Any Good Books Lately?”
"Leeny Del Seamonds told stories with Cuban-American ebullience at First Night Boston!"
-The Boston Phoenix (Editor's Picks)
"Listeners responded with rapt attention to the considerable storytelling talents of international performer Leeny Del Seamonds at "Gimistory," The Cayman Islands International Storytelling Festival."
-Caymanian Compass, Grand Cayman, BWI.
"Leeny's expressive voice transmits the magic of storytelling."
-Booklist Magazine
"Leeny Del Seamonds was totally side splitting with her story Side Show. She trumped her own special physical talent with expert timing and her voices were captivating. She was an audience favorite."
-MassMouth review of All Star Slam, Cambridge Public Library
"Delighted Abbot School fourth-graders listened with wide eyes to the wild animal sounds of the 'lush rain forests in the Yucatan Peninsula.' Students actively participated, while renowned award-winning storyteller Leeny Del Seamonds gave a stirring performance of animated folk tales."
-The Lowell Sun
"One of New England's most beloved storytellers, Leeny Del Seamonds is best known for her high energy and her Hispanic programs, often incorporating improvisational theatre and mime in her work."
-The Tale Trader
"Belting out her plethora of Hispanic/Latino voices, the fabulous Leeny Del Seamonds performed her thousands of characters. And that was only the tip of the iceberg!"
-Michelle Hazel, The Tiger News, NC
"Leeny Del Seamonds brings all her gestures and inflections to bear. Her conviction, dedication and passion are downright infectious."
-Boston Herald
"She truly made her characters come alive - what an actress!"
-Philadelphia Inquirer
"She travels light. Her props are her hands, and her eyes, and her voice. But oh, what a voice!"
-Westford Eagle, Beacon Communications
"Telling stories passed down from her past, as well as a few originals from her TV show 'Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld,' Leeny Del Seamonds spoke in English and Spanish. As she told her version of the legend of the weather vane, Leeny had the audience singing and salsa dancing. Amazingly throughout Del Seamonds’ performance, the natural (and man-made) sounds around her fit perfectly into her stories. The wind, at one point, gushed at the right time, and later, the church bell tolled as Leeny referenced a Mayan god. Sandy Wood, a high school senior, and her mother Sue, both of Boxborough, started coming to Three Apples when Sandy was 2. 'We love Leeny!' "
-Community Newspaper Company
"With a solid reputation for engaging the audience and breathing life into her stories, Leeny Del Seamonds is clearly a person who is gifted with many talents, has learned to use them to enrich the lives of others, and is incredibly content to be able to do so."
-The Merrimack Journal Magazine
"Del Seamonds is a captivating storyteller. Dressed for a night of festivity in black and glittery gold, she told mesmerizing stories, international in flavor, which featured intricate sound effects and audience participation."
-Nancye Tuttle, The Lowell Sun
"Leeny Del Seamonds performed a series of tales from many continents and varied cultures using all her skills as actress, mime, and master of many dialects to the delight of her audience."
-Serendipity News, Clearwater, FL


"Leeny Del Seamonds is a master story performer and award winning storyteller. She dazzled students with her original and World tales to celebrate Reading Week 2009."
-Greenbush PTA, W. Warwick, RI
"Leeny, Thank you so much for your visit and presentation at our school in Grafton, MA. The kids and teachers were enthralled with your stories. Some of the things written on our evaluations by our teaching staff include:
'Del Seamonds was the best storyteller that I have seen at this school! I felt like a kid, listening to her stories!' (5th grade teacher);
'Great example of how to create pictures with words!' (4th grade teacher);
'She mixed in learning of values with her storytelling.' (4th grade teacher);
and 'Not a peep or bathroom request in the group! That says it all!' (3rd grade teacher).
I believe that is like getting a standing ovation - thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Grafton Elementary School
"Leeny, thank you so very much for sharing your talents with us. Our students and teachers loved your performances! We look forward to enjoying your CDs."
-University of Hartford Magnet School, CT
"Leeny was absolutely wonderful. She incorporated her Cuban and Latino roots in the storytelling performance and involved the students in parts of the stories. What a joy for the students to be able to hear stories about various cultures and identify with a lot of the dialogue. The children were attentive and left with great memories from this storytelling experience. We would love for Leeny to return next year!"
-Literacy Facilitator, S.A.N.D. School, Hartford, CT
"Leeny, thank you for being with us for our Kickoff to World Language Week! You did a fantastic job! I received many compliments on your performance, from both students and staff. Hope to work with you again in the future!"
-Leticia Quiles, Merrimack Middle School, NH
"Leeny, thanks again for your fabulous work at our summer program! The staff raved about your class workshops! We all look forward to your return every summer."
-Debra Seeto, Executive Director, Theatre Arts Camp, Framingham, MA
"Thanks to master storyteller Leeny Del Seamonds, who entertained and educated our students. Leeny wove threads of Boxborough’s history into interesting tales to the delight of all our students and staff."
-Principal, Blanchard School, Boxborough, MA
"Leeny was magnificent and many said 'The Snow Child' was one of the most beautiful stories they had ever heard!"
-Dr. Gwendolyn Nowlan, Storytelling Institute, S. Connecticut State University
"We had a ball Friday night at 'Pizza Tales'! Leeny was every bit the star storyteller we hoped she would be! The kids, parents, my principal, my committee, and I were unanimous in our enthusiasm. Her stories hit the mark as far as charm, audience appeal and appropriateness. Her performance was spellbinding! On a personal level, she was such a pleasure to meet and so professional to work with."
-Mary Ann Svenning, Loker School, Wayland, MA
"Leeny, I received terrific feedback about your kick-off for International Week. The kids, as well as the teachers, thought you were so entertaining and that the time flew by! I'm not sure when International Week will be next year, but our Principal has asked me to book you again. I'll let you know when, thank you."
-Jennifer Russo, Fisher School, Walpole, MA
"Leeny, thank you for your performance. You did an outstanding job; and we received many positive comments from the parents, teachers, and, of course, the children! For many children this was their first exposure to live theatre. We're sure that this morning's event will nurture a lifelong love and appreciation of the performing arts for our students."
-Burnham Elementary School, Haverhill, MA
"Leeny has succeeded in touching all of our Southeast family with her many talents, spirit, caring and exuberance. How fortunate and blessed we are to have had her here - she, indeed, owns a very special part of our hearts!"
-Sharon Sawtell, Southeast School, Leominster, MA
"Leeny, thank you sooooo much for taking your time to come into our classrooms to teach us how to be a great actor and storyteller like you! We learned how to speak loud and clear "to Chicago" and how to make different voices and expressions while performing and giving book reports. Hope you come back soon!"
-5th Grade Students, Hillside School, Needham, MA
"Leeny Del Seamonds, Artist-in-Residence, was outstanding in every way. It was absolutely mesmerizing to watch Leeny work with the youngsters as they demonstrated newfound concentration, poise, pride, enthusiasm, performance skills, and self control on stage. The residency experience was overwhelmingly successful and productive, and it was truly a pleasure to work with a fine professional such as Leeny, who is a master and takes her profession very seriously."
-Bennett School, Leominster, MA
"Leeny Del Seamonds is a dedicated and talented artist. Clearly, this residency had a tremendous impact on the students' self-esteem and ability to feel comfortable in front of an audience. I would love to see this residency become a regular part of our academic program."
-Patricia Karl, Superintendent, Lawrence Family Development Charter School, MA
"Many of the students who never spoke a word in class really began to verbalize under Miss Del Seamonds' direction and encouragement. She holds herself to a high standard of teaching and performing and thus has high expectations for her students, resulting in personal pride and a willingness to take a risk by stretching personal creativity. We are honored to have had the pleasure of working and learning with the dynamic and delightful Leeny Del Seamonds in residence."
-Priest Street School, Leominster, MA
"Leeny's presentations were inspirational to us all: teacher and student. Her repertoire of voices and characters are amazing and kept us spellbound. Leeny's patient guidance and coaching encouraged each fourth grader, and each student felt a sense of accomplishment and pride after completing his/her story. This was a wonderful experience, and we look forward to working with Leeny in residence again and again."
-Abbot School Fourth Grade Teachers, Westford, MA
"Leeny was a joy to watch, and the children loved having her come into their classrooms to teach them how to act out stories and make those stories come to life."
-Alice Dery, Enrichment, N. Attleboro, MA
"Leeny, thanks again, so very much, for a memorable week! People are still talking about how wonderful the performances were, and the reaction from the teachers was all positive…some quotes: 'The children were spellbound!' 'Fantastic!' 'Teachers enjoyed it too!' 'The teacher workshop was full of exciting strategies to use for myself as well as my students.' 'Bring her back!'"
-June Ramondetta, Washington Township Public Schools, NJ
"Leeny, thank you so much for the "¡Ay Caramba!" CD you kindly sent to me and my pupils through National Storytelling Network. We really enjoyed the stories. Congratulations on your Parents' Choice Silver Award! It must be very important because American parents are very demanding about education."
-David Moreno, Elementary School Principal, Mexico City, Mexico