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It includes storytelling and theatre articles written by me and published in several international periodicals, as well as grant support information to aid in grant writing. My Teacher Guide contains several learning activities which you may find useful and fun.  Check out Sponsor endorsements at the bottom of this page.

Kudos!! What Folks are Saying about Leeny....


“It is an understatement to say that Leeny Del Seamonds was outstanding. Everyone in the audience was totally caught up and engaged. In fact they are still talking about her excellent storytelling skills. Energy, sparkle, conviction and spirit exude from Leeny! It was a joy working with her.”—Dr. P. Khumoetsile-Taylor, Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Bunker Hill Community College, Compelling Conversations Lecture Series, Boston, MA


“Congratulations, Ms. Del Seamonds, on bringing knowledge as well as joy to so many people as you ply your calling as a storyteller to young and old alike. It is a laudable accomplishment because you can reach and teach at the same time.”—Geoffrey D. Hall, Chairman, Committee on State Administration, Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives


“Leeny Del Seamonds enchanted and inspired us with her storytelling. Our Annual Celebration of Women was a huge success. We raised over $34,000 net for our programs and services dedicated to improving the lives of women.”—Women’s Center of Jacksonville, FL


“Leeny’s stories suited the day exactly—well chosen, performed perfectly, and fitting right in with our emphasis on Latin American culture. Families sought us out afterward to compliment us on finding her!” – Judi Paradis, Program Coordinator, Arlington’s Dia de los Muertos Fiesta


“Leeny is funny, irreverent, smart, sassy—and a dynamite storyteller as well!”—Jane Yolen, Author


“We received an overwhelming, positive response for Leeny’s dynamic program!”—John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Boston, MA


“A master storyteller, Leeny’s versatile, energetic and spirited performances bring stories to life and life to stories.”—Lowell Historic Preservation Commission, Boarding House Park, Lowell, MA


“Leeny Del Seamonds, Artist-in-Residence, was outstanding in every way. It was absolutely mesmerizing to watch Leeny work with the youngsters as they demonstrated newfound concentration, poise, pride, enthusiasm, performance skills, and self-control on stage. The residency experience was overwhelmingly successful and productive, and it was truly a pleasure to work with a fine professional such as Leeny, who is a master and takes her profession very seriously.”—Bennett School, Leominster, MA